Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

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To Do...

This summer I want to
  • see Beef
  • see Brewer
  • see Lauren
  • see SGM
  • see Troy (not too worried about that one)
  • see Melissa
  • see Brett
  • see anybody else that I have't seen in forever
  • get a second job
  • do my portfolio so that I can get into the college of education and eventually become a teacher
  • go garage-saling
  • go clubbing with Bud (after last night all I want to do is dance)
  • get a computer?
  • read more
  • get in shape
  • see Timmy
  • see Nikki and meet all the people who make up their own list on my AIM
  • spend a weekend at Sara's
And I only have so much time to do all this in. And I know there is some more stuff I have forgotten. As it is I just added three more thatn I forgot. Anyway, I just really hope this all works out, everything, my life, that is. Now it's time for dinner.
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