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What Other People Think Of Me
Volume 37 by Beef (cynic42)
Do I believe in God?: oh yep, definitely
When you first saw me, what was your impression? hmm, she seems cool
Hair color?: toeheaded
Eye color?: blue
Who am I in love with?: i dunno Me, neither!
What is one of my favorite things to do?: quote stuff
What's your funniest memory of me?: shadow puppets at the theater, and blonde moments, and you and lauren, and reverse whistling
What's my favorite type of music?: christian stuff
What is my best feature?: smile
Am I a leader or a follower?: an abstract
Am I shy or outgoing?: outgoing usually
Would you say I am funny?: yes
Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?: you do follow quite a few rules
Do I have any special talents?: you can write poetry, make backgrounds and icons and webpages. you're very good at having the right quote at the right time, and does hopeless romantic count?
What is your favorite thing to do with me?: hang out, watch movies, go puttputting with blue balls
Have I ever been there for you?: yes
Am I conservative or unconservative?: a lil o both
Do you love me?: yes, but not in a "i want to jump you" way
Name one way I have changed your life or made an impact in it: you have given me the first step to escaping my fear of death and my skepticism of the Bible

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