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Something I got from one of my friends...

There is a difference between being an acquaintance and being a friend...

First, an acquaintance is someone whose name you know, whom you see every now and then, with whom you probably have something in common, and around whom you feel comfortable. It's a person that you can invite to your home and share things with. But they are people with whom you wouldn't share your life, whose actions sometimes you don't understand because you don't know enough about them...

On the other hand, a friend is someone you love. Not that you are "in love" with him or her, but you care about the perosn, and you think about him or her when they are not there.

Friends are the people of whom you are reminded when you see something they might like, and you know this because you know them so well.

They are the people whose pictures you have and whose faces are in your head regardless.

They are the people you see in your mind when you hear a song on the radio, because they made you go up to the person they liked and ask them to dance with them; or maybe YOU danced with them, maybe they stepped on your toes, or just put their head on your shoulder.

They call just to see how you are doing, because friends don't need an excuse.

They tell you the truth—the first time—and you do the same. You know that if you have a problem, they are there to listen.

They are the people who won't laugh at you or hurt you, and if they do hurt you, they try hard to make it up to you.

They are the people you love, regardless of whether you realize it.

They are the people with whom you cried when you got rejected from colleges and during the last song at prom and graduation.

They are the people that when you hug them, you don't think about how long to hug and who's going to be the first one to let go. Maybe they are the people that hold the rings at your wedding, or maybe they are the people that give you away at your wedding, or maybe they are the people you marry.

They are certainly the people that cry at your wedding because they are so happy, or because they are so proud, or because they are so in love. They are the people who stop you from making mistakes and help you when you do.

They are the people whose hand you can hold, or you can hug them or give them a kiss and not have it be awkward, because they understand the things you od and they love you for them.

They stick with you and stand by you.

They hold your hand.

They watch you live, and you watch them live, and you learn from them. Your life is not the same without them.

These are your friends. How many do you have?
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