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"Sex is either regarded as something that is basically evil and should be yielded to reluctantly, or something that is good and should be pursued enthusiastically, with the latter position gaining acceptance over time. But in either case, sex is viewed as an animal instinct, and primarily a physical experience. Nothing could be further from the truth; the actual experience of sexuality depends to a large extent on perception. The focus on sex as a physical rather than spiritual experience has led many physically attractive people to spend a great deal of time and energy unsuccessfully searching for satisfying sexual experiences." ~Unknown, posted in quotes

"This is why all those people who tell you that you should wait to have sex are right: because in your body, you are married to that person, and you will keep going back to them, no matter how unfaithful they are, or how much they treat you like crap, or how much they use you or abuse you." ~Brett Thurman, somewhat paraphrased (he can feel free to correct me)
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