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My Mind Retreats

I loved you once.
Your touch, your kiss
That so encompassed me
In a feeling I now sorely miss.

My mind retreats
To times of fun
To when we ran and kissed in the rain
Merely because it had not yet been done.

My mind retreats
To midnight conversations
Soft words sweetly spoken
Whose memories now my heart leave broken
And the details of which I shall always cherish
'Til the day this mortal coil shall perish.

My mind retreats
Recalling hours spent lying in contentment
Not for the lack of effort or of action
But for the shear enjoyment of the moment.

My mind retreats
with longing still
Has anything truly changed?
Is it possible to return?
One day, when my mind retreats, will it find that you also yearn

-Brett Thurman
Tags: brett, love, poetry
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