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My journal and stuff

I finally like the new look of my journal. Granted it's been like this for a few days with no changes, but that's okay. It's a lot more happy than my other one, although I will probably still go back to the other one eventually. If you haven't seen my new journal, come look! Actually, look at my friends page. I like the new Disjointed style, but for one teensy little thing...see the pretty icons in the current mood/music box? Yeah, they're weren't there originally. The Disjointed friends style had no friends icons. I couldn't have that. So it took me about 2 hours, but I finally got them to appear and keep the basic style looking decent. But I did it. Aren't you proud?

I don't like my eyes. They aren't mysterious like Nikki's or dark like Angie's; they make horrible icons. Yet I still insist on trying to make them into icons. I am kinda happy with this one, especially since no one sees my eyes in it anyway. Wait... "Oh, those eyes, always providing a clear window into the deepest feelings of your soul. I'll never forget what was behind those eyes." Okay, I guess they're not so bad.
Poll #28616 My Journal

What do you think of my new style? (Check all that apply)

I love it!
It's totally you.
Kinda hard on the eyes, dear.
AHHHH!! Pink is the anti-christ!!!
I refuse to look at your journal other than on my friend's page.
Look at the bright colors...
...what hallucinogenic drugs were you using?

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