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Hey note to all my friends...

I'm trying to make an icon of all of you guys, this time of real pictures and not dolls, cause then I can actually include guys without making all of you look like nsyncers or ghetto rappers.

Burkee, I have no pictures of you like AT ALL. So if you happen to have any, please send them this way, online is preferable just cause then I don't have to scan it, and college students don't mail things. I do have the one black and white one that used to be on Troy's webpage, I might use that.

Sara, I'm going to have to use on oldish one of you if I don't get something else at some point, so you might consider that...

Brewer, I want a pic of you, too, and I definitely have none of them, so you have to find some way to get me one.

I already have pics of Nikki, Brett, Jules, Giggles, Beckers, Sarah from Napa, Troy, Beef, and Lauren. If those people would like to send me different ones (or find out which ones I have of you, go ahead and ask), they are welcome to do it.

If I'm missing someone let me know!! And if you think you should be included let me know!! I'm blond, I could totally be missing someone right in front of my face.

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