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I hate LiveJournal.
"File size too big. File cannot exceed 40K."
Kiss my butt.
I just spent 4 hours making my new friends icon, including scanning (thank you Julie!!!!) and formatting and finding a GIF program (that apparently sucks!) and putting them all together. And then changing size and color and quality all to try and make it small enough for LiveJournal to be happy. All to NO AVAIL. Bastards. So now I give up; I can't do it on my own. So Troy is putting them together for me.
And he just finished it. It's small, but that's alright. I hope you all enjoy seeing you. If any of you want the pic for your livejournal (if you don't have it already) let me know.
Have a nice day, maybe I can go watch the sun rise.
I would like to add:
Troy is the bestest best friend and all around greatest guy in the whole wide world.
Thank you.
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