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* i hurt: when someone I know is hurting
* i love: being loved (that answer is good enough for me)
* i cry: not very often anymore
* i fear: life without love
* i hope: all the time
* i feel alone: when I get lost in certain areas of thought
* i listen: not enough
* i taste: the first thing that came to mind when reading that was salty celery, sorry
* i remember: high school, I miss you guys a lot lately for no particular reason
* i forget: everything, including promises, which is why I try not to make them anymore
* i hold: on to the past too much
* i hide: in my room
* i pray: more than I used to but still not enough
* i walk: erect?
* i drive: illegally at the moment
* i read: not as much as I want to
* i burn: candles, and matches, and my sheets, and whatever else I can, I'm such a pyro
* i play: board games, but I don't know many people who like to play with me
* i miss: my LHWL friends lots
* i feel: content right now
* i know: that there is a God above (We can use that answer, too!)
* i dream: in the form of theatrical trailers
* i have: God's love
* i am: unique
* i need: to read my Bible more
* i live: with a purpose
* i crave: love
* i won't: complain about the weather this summer
* i pretend: I'm sane
* i smile: when I think of my friends
* i cant: sleep
* i laugh: at everything
* i lie: more than I want to
* i wish: on stars
* i trust: that I will be happy
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