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Note to all my friends...

So it's happening again...
I know it's near the end of the schoolyear, but I am starting to again NOT DO ANYTHING and stay up really late chatting about usually nothing in particular. While I do enjoy talking to those people I end up talking to, I NEED to buckle down and finish up this year on good terms. So here is what I would like to request of all my friends, in particular the ones online...

1. Lisa has a new bedtime, unless she is working on HOMEWORK AND ONLY HOMEWORK...and that is one o'clock. She has IMPORTANT reasons to get up at 7 or 730 each morning and she needs to go to bed early enought to physically be able to do that.

2. In accordance to rule #1, Lisa is not allowed to be doing ANYTHING online after one o'clock. If you find that she is, YELL AT HER and threaten her. The threats might be different depending on who you are, but some examples could include, "You will not get to see me this summer," "I will not let you take advantage of me this summer," "I will see you every day this summer." Other threats may work as well, as said before, depending on who you are.

3. If you are chatting with Lisa when one o'clock rolls around, END THE CONVERSATION. I know that she is a wonderful person and incredibly witty, but please just tell her for the sake of her own health that she's not, so that she will stop talking to you. Thank you.

I apologize to those who this really affects; namely the people that I specifically talk to only after one o'clock in the morning, but I can't do this anymore. (Bud, you are the main person that applies to, I sad, but what can I do?)

By the way, on the weekends the above rules do not apply, so long as Lisa gets whatever she needs to get done done.

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