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tear, sob, cry

So I no longer have a cell phone, it got turned off today. That's okay, when I get back to Michigan I'll get another, this time it might actually be mine, egads. (I might start saying that now, help me!) But anyway, I really have to write this paper so I'm gonna stop checking LJ every five minutes (yeah, right! ha ha ha ha ha, I really should be a comedian, wait, no, I like myself without the rotten vegetable stains)

On a rather humorous note, I'm presenting an award this Saturday for the Arties (Concordia's Oscars equivalent) and guess what it is...Best Singer...ha ha ha. I told my copresenter, Lindsay, that we could play off the fact that I can't sing for the life of me. That might be fun. I just thought that was ironic enough to be worth mentioning.

Have a nice night everyone.
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