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Finally got to watch Playing By Heart today...that addiction is satisfied for now.

Speaking of addictions, my friends are great. When I'm low on drugs they deal them out to me. Julie dumped half a bottle of painkillers in my hand today.

Julie also got these awesome mints from her mom in the mail. They are shaped like fish...the Christian fish symbol. Very nice. I think I want some.

Good news about Fish...I might be able to do it next year, even if I go to Australia--YEA! Lori says she's made exceptions in the past, usually for student teachers, but she might do it for me too, depending on stuff. I love Fish so much, it's the one thing that would keep me in the States next year. I am going to miss Ohio so much. (Never expected those words to come out of my mouth.)

In other news...the school is changing part of its policy. The interesting thing is, no one really knows to what extent it is going to be enforced. For those of you who don't know, I go to Concordia University River Forest, which is an official university of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Actually, from what I've been told, it's one of the more liberal of the Concordia's. Anyway, the new policy basically states that a professor employed by the university must publicly represent the views of the LCMS and cannot teach contrary opinions in his or her classrooms. Which, in part, I generally agree with. For instance, at a function where they are publicly representing the university, they should represent the university and that includes the "university's" views on whatnot. But the way the policy is worded, it could be taken to a bad extreme. For instance, a professor asked the president if she couldn't, according to the new policy, teach Sunday School in her non-LCMS church, because the way parts of the policy (which I meant to bring a copy of, I left it in the room) are stated it could be taken to that extreme. (And yes, I think that is an extreme.) But the president said, "I don't know," because it's so new that people haven't thought about things like that. But the thing is, I know Lutheran politics, and I could see the Board of Regents taking it to that level, because Lutherans with power are scary people. And for those profs who don't have tenure, they could get fired if they don't sign the new agreement. That is something else that I don't agree with. But the main focus of the policy as I can see it is in classes profs aren't allowed to express opinions contrary to the univerisity. Some of the staff of the paper went out to dinner tonight, and we were talking about it, and the editor was really pissed because some of the protestors didn't like his opinion on it. He basically said that this is a university of the LCMS and they can do what they damn well please. Which I happen to disagree with in part. My problem is the "in classes" part of the policy. For instance, does this mean we don't learn about anything contrary to the Lutheran Church? I have a big problem with this. I think to form an educated opinoin about issues it's important to know both (all) sides and then decide which is the one that you agree with. That's why right now, if asked I say that I have no opinion on female pastors because I don't know enough about it. And if the LCMS view is the only view I ever learn about, I'll never have an opinion because I won't know the whole story. And the university requires that I take a bunch of gen ed classes, to make me a well-rounded individual. Only getting one slanted religious viewpoint will NOT make me a well-rounded individual. So that's why I am not sure I like the new policy. Anyone else who wants to tell me what they think (and please don't bash the school, as many problems as I have with some aspects of Concordia and stuff, I do like my school in general, and besides, bashing anything in an debate/discussion really discredits everything else you say, so show some maturity please).

I already have a full schedule for the first weekend I get back. I'm excited about this summer. I just hope that Party City doesn't hate me for not working weekends, but I would end up taking them all off anyway, so it wouldn't matter much if I said I was available or not.

All right, I guess this is long enough for today. Good luck with finals everyone, I'm sure I'll update some more later.

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