Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

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Woo Hoo

I got an A on my analysis of Cruel Intentions! Yea me!
So my New Testament final yesterday went fine, and so did my bio one today. I got all of the reproduction questions wrong...I have no idea what happens during menstruation, all I know is it's painful. But I still think I did okay. I actually like genetics. There is an aspect of science I do find interesting. But you know what? It's all mathematical, I think that's why.
Tonight is Film Appreciation, then tomorrow is Psych of Except. Learner and Drama in the Christian Worship, and Thurs is Math Proof and I leave Friday morning! I'm kinda sad, cause I'm going to miss Sarah and Julie like crazy, but I'm really excited to be going home. Okay, talk to you later, time to munch on some grindage!
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