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Blast from the past...

I am having the greatest, coolest weekend!!! My night with Lauren was spectacular (spectacular).

This morning I sold concessions at the Red Wings game, with my mom and people from St. Matt's. For the most part it was fun. I got about 115 dollars, that I think mom said I'm supposed to "donate" to the school in some way shape or form. So I'm going to give it to my sister's tuition. I am NOT going to give it to help change the lights, Burkee, don't worry.

After that, I finally got home and Lauren picked me up and we talked for a bit and then went to shoot pool. She taught me how to play nine ball and I think I won the majority of the games, but she was playing badly so I'm sure that's why.

After pool we went to Ram's Horn to get coffee and biscuits and gravy, it was yummy. And we talked. About everything. About guys, and friends, and guys, and the past, and guys, and the present, and guys. It was great. Then, as we were driving home, I mentioned a certain movie that she needed to see, so we made a side trip to Blockbuster...and ran into Rob Marshall.

And so we went to my place and watched Moulin Rouge, and while I think Lauren liked it, she seems to identify with Satine a little more than expected. Lore, I hope you feel better, and if it means anything, thank you immensely for this exceptional night. And I can't wait until Friday...and I'm so glad we had such a great talk. AHHHHHHH...I'm so excited for this summer! It's going to be so great if this weekend is any example...

Party City called today...Curtis asked if my new availability (no weekends or nights) was "set it stone" and I told him that the weekends were so off, because I would end up requesting all of them off anyway...course I'm working THIS Saturday, but that's not supposed to become a Lord give me strength, I want the job but I want the summer to be like this. Anywho...It's three AM, I'm supposed to get into a NORMAL sleeping pattern now that I'm home, but I think I'm going to adapt Lauren's: Sleep whenever, work when scheduled, eat when hungry, sleep some more, go out and have fun, then do it all again. Sounds like...what I've been doing for the past two months.

Okay, I really did want to try and get up for church tomorrow, so (I hope I do) but regardless, I'm to bed. I love everyone! Have a great night!

(I'm sure I'm annoying when I'm like this, but I can't help it, it was a wonderful weekend, and it's only Saturday!)

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