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So-So (and this might contain some spoiler info, so read with caution)

Alright. I finally saw Dangerous Liasians today. And I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed. Everyone criticized Sarah Michelle Gellar's performance in Cruel Intentions, saying that it didn't compare to Glenn Close. Well, Glenn wasn't bad or anything, but I think Sarah matched her performance quite well. And I was honestly disappointed with John Malkovich just a bit. I thought Ryan Philippe did a better job of showing he was in love with Reese Witherspoon than John did of Michelle Pfieffer. At least Ryan didn't hurt Reese when he was in love with her (aside from when he left her). And I'm not sure that I liked the ending too much. (This is where the real spoiler stuff comes in, skip this if you still want to see the movie yourself.) They both die, not just the Sebastian character, but the Annette one too, and they don't really get reconciled. I mean, John does say a lot of the things that Ryan writes to Reese in his journal, but he tells his manservent to pass the information on to Michelle. And then she just said "Enough." and died. It didn't seem quite as noble, I guess, as the other one. Although the way that Glenn gets her comeuppance (someone is smiling as he reads this) is pretty swell. She walks into a theater type of place and gets booed by EVERYONE there. It was really cool.
The other thing that just was funny about the movie was Keanu Reeves. He played the mirror to the guy from Save The Last Dance (can't think of his name at the moment). Everytime he spoke I waited to hear him say, "Dude!" and at one point he turned as he exited the room and I swear he was going to say, "Wyld Stallyons!"

So I got to see Troy first it was really weird...but then it got better. We had a tickle fight. Note to anyone who may see him and want to know: go for the feet. We also played "Lisa's Monopoly" and I won. Go figure. I miss LTC and "Lisa's Chess." Did you know I beat Colonel in chess once? I was very proud of that. Course he was probably having a bad day but that's okay.

Okay, entry done, I'm off shortly. Have a nice day everyone!

PS: First day of work back was alright. But I think they aren't going to be especially happy with me. I told them no nights and weekends (although I'm still working this Saturday) and I'm maybe taking next Friday, well. I really want to see people this summer, and that's a high priority. I just have to make sure I don't LOSE the job or I can't pay for college. Anyway...the only thing that needs to be said about today at work is:

Sandy saved me...Bill sucks like there's no tomorrow (worse than Paul) and...

I miss my Melissa.

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