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She's my favorite Endless, yep...

"I like airplanes. I like anywhere that isn't a proper place. I like in-betweens." ~Delirium, The Sandman: Brief Lives

This has been a very good week. Yesterday I found my copy of Playing By Heart and I watched it, and both yesterday and today I've been able to listen to my mp3's and get my fix of "Island in the Sun" and other songs that I don't have on cd yet. And tomorrow I'm going to the zoo for the first time in forever, and Friday I get to see Spiderman, and maybe I get to see someone else on Saturday, but I haven't called him yet.

The only downside is I have had about THREE comments in my livejournal since I got back from school. That makes me sad. But that's fine. I understand. I'm just oging to go sit in a corner and cry.

And with that said...

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