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Some religious stuff...

This is mostly just some stuff that I've been wanting to type for awhile cause it was so cool that I really wanted to share it with you LJ buddys of mine.

The Matrix
The first time I went to Faith Goes To The Movies, Dr. Eschelbach did it on The Matrix. Melissa and I hadn't wanted to go cause we thought that it would be the typical Lutheran thing-- that they would bash it for everything that is "wrong" in the movie. On the contrary, it would seem that it is Eschelbach's favorite movie and almost the entire thing from start to finish is a nice parallel of the Bible. So, we all can pretty much guess who Neo and Cypher and Morpheous are, but I didn't really know who Trinity was until Eschelbach said: She is exactly as her name describes her. Now with that in mind, think about the end of the movie, where Neo is shot and Trinity tells him that he can't be dead, because she loves him. Now, get up. How cool is that imagery? That just blew my mind.

Metaphors in John
A lot of theologists debate about the "metaphors" in John, and how Jesus says things like "I am the way, the truth and the life" and "I am the door" and "I am the bread of life" and "I am the light." I like what Eschalbach had to say about it in my New Testament class...

"Jesus wasn't using metaphors. When he says "I am the bread of life" He means it exactly. He is true bread. He gives life. The reason that this stuff we have on earth can be called "bread" is because it is like Jesus. It imitates the way He gives us life, but it's nothing compared to the real thing. The reason that big ball of light in the sky can be called "light" is because it imitates Jesus, the true light. The thing with hinges and a frame and a big piece of wood attached to it can be called a door because it imitates Jesus. Jesus is the opening through which we pass to get to where we need to be (or something like that, that one is fuzzy in my mind)."

Those were the two biggest things that I wanted to write about. There are others, too, and eventually I hope to share them as well, but I thought that those were the most interesting and cool.

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