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Some Random Whats from the corner of my dusty mind

Things with Troy and I are better and we're friends again, and things are gonna be a little different in a good way that will definitely benefit us both, I think. In case anyone is interested.

Life or Something Like It is a very good movie. Go see it.

I really want to see the midnight showing of Episode II just so that I can tell Sarah from Napa that I saw it before her (cause she's three hours earlier...tee hee hee).

That was fun.

My dog is so cute. She has learned that if she wants to chew something she can pick it up and bring it to a big person and ask if she can chew it. While, once she brought this stuffed monkey to my dad, and she asked him if she could chew it and he told her, "No, it's my monkey, you can't chew up my monkey," so now she just carries the monkey all around the house and she doesn't chew it up at all. It's adorable.

I want candy.

I just took off my coat for the first time since I put it on this morning to go to work at 8:30.

I was at a Red Wings playoff game last Saturday.

Beef and Brewer and Timmy and whoever else I'm sure I'm missing, I need free time that isn't late at night so I can call you cause I'm kicking myself cause I want to see the you guys and especially I want to give Beef your birthday/graduation gift...argh. It's sitting in my room saying, "Give me to him. He's gonna love me. You can't wait another minute."

The orange trolls under my bed and in the laundry room have migrated to my work as well.

Paul's on crack but I don't have to deal with it so I'm happy.

I wanna mank someone.

Lauren is my most insane friend.

Contrary to popular belief, Sammy did not come into existance in Chemisty class but in Biology.

OOOOOHH!!! I just had an idea for a third entry...brb!

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