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On second thought, I am not a soft kiss

Which Kiss are You?
Which Kiss Are You?

So Troy and I are going crazy yesterday trying to find out the name of the gerbil he had back in high school. We call everyone we can think of who might know, and nobody does. Timmy never got a chance to call us back, and Becky was our last resort. So I get home and I call Melissa and I say, "Do you remember the name of the gerbil that Troy had in high school?" and from the living room I hear, "Dustbunny." Still on the phone with Melissa, who I think was driving, I say, "How the hell did you know that?" to my MOM. I wasn't dating Troy at that time, so I have NO CLUE as to how my mom knew just blew my mind.

Anyway, that was just the cutest name ever for a teeny tiny little fluff of fur.

it is POP!!!!!

At least when you're in Michigan. EVERY BLASTED MICHIGANIAN calls it pop. So why on earth would a local radio station play a commercial and call it soda???????? You know what, screw it all. I'm calling it neo from now on.

Is the Magic Eight Ball ever wrong?

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