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I had a bunch of other things to write, too...

...but I think I'll just make them short and sweet.

There's a reason I don't talk a lot when I'm out with people sometimes, I discovered yesterday. No one listens. (I wish you had been there, Melissa, whether or not you want to you always listen.)

Something I had wanted to tell two people was this: My great grandma is the cutest person in the world. She's stone deaf but won't admit it. Anyway, she gave me a cross when I saw her on Sunday and a card, that said, "I wanted to give you something so that you would always remember God loves you."

The wedding on Sat. was nice. Kari looked kickass in her dress, which, too, was kickass. And her voice cracked a couple of times. It made me think of my wedding...imagined with a few different people standing next to me. Still not quite sure who I even want on the other end.

I wanted to watch a Tom Clancy-like movie the other night, after I was still craving The Sum of All Fears. Troy suggested The Hunt For Red October. Five minutes into the movie, I remember that it is a Tom Clancy movie. Oops.

I think that's it. Have a good night everybody.

PS I got to see the polar bears again :-D
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