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Really Great Quote, Don't Know Who The Author Is

"Sometimes you sit and think, and you wonder if he can see it in your eyes...can he tell that you still love him...that there's nothing you would rather think about then the times he held you in his arms...can he see the tears? Cause they sure are there...deep down, sure enough along with the pain and the loneliness that you bury so deep you're sure no one can tell. Sometimes you would give anything imaginable to be able to make him have one more chance to make him know how much he be able to feel complete...but you smile through it talk like you always used to, the best of friends...and every time he smiles at you, a tiny little pang of hope springs up, but you crush it before it can surface, before it can give you away...and you hug him good-bye like it's nothing...when all you want is hold on forever...but you let go, smile, and walk away. Then cry all the way home because you know it will never be same...because try as you might, you can't make someone love you...sometimes you have to let them be free...and letting go, that is when love hurts the most."
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