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That was so great...

...I got to see my best friend Christine from when we were just kids in like third and fourth grade and stuff tonight. She's getting married in September; I can't believe it. I saw her and we talked for a little bit, and then I saw her brother, who I used to have the biggest hugest crush on--he's married too, and his wife and SON were visiting as well. One thing I still like about him--he's a math lover too. He asked me how far I'd gotten in math and I told him Calc three, and he asked me if I liked it, and I said it was great, I loved it, and he said, I know. That is so cool. And then Melody, Christine's sister who's my age, is still so crazy and funny. And their parents, who used to be like, my second family. We used to call them the five kids. "Mom, I'm going to the five kids' house!" That was back when if you wanted to see someone you went down to their house and knocked on the door, and said, "Can Christine come out to play?" And we used to make mud tacos and play Video Game, which didn't mean sitting in front of the tv and playing on a screen; when we played Video Game we were the video game characters; we would climb all over the swingset and we couldn't touch the ground, and we had to jump; I think sometimes we even hummed Super Mario kind of music. It was so cool to see all of them again. Or at least the four that I saw. Joy is still really weird and off in her own little world. Although, she's married, too. She had a halloween wedding cause she wanted to wear fairy wings on her dress. That's pretty cool. Christine's dress is gorgeous. And everytime I see that girl she gives me clothes. Tonight was no exception. So in the past week my nice section of my wardrobe has doubled. About the only bad thing that happened recently is I realized that those icons I made earlier are too big for LJ to use. Aw, well. I'll make some more. It's alright. Anyway, I'm getting offline soon. I gotta work in the morning. Later!

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