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Party City ranting...again

I HATE IT when Sandy walks the aisles after they are recovered. If something isn't where it's supposed to be, she TOSSES IT ON THE FLOOR. Even if its home is two feet above where she found it. This means that the closers have to BEND OVER and pick them all up, and then return them to where they are supposed to go. I think Party City likes us to have to bend over for them. Well, I am not doing it again. I close on Thursday and I will not pick anything up that they throw on the floor. I'm asking the closing manager to put them in a cart if they do that. If they don't put them in a cart, I'm walking out. There is no reason that they need to throw them on the floor like that.

And in addition, while putting carts away, I found two bags of trash in A CART SITTING IN THE STORE. And I'm not talking trash from the store. I'm talking someone must have cleaned out their car and left us the garbage. And it smelled, too! I couldn't believe stupid are people? And how rude! And the part that got me was that it was IN THE STORE, where the carts are. That means they either brought it in, or someone who works at PC brought it in and left it in the cart, which is totally retarded.

Sigh. And I'm done ranting for today, which, apart from that, was pretty cool.

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