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La la la I was bored thanks lots blackvelvette! :)

[First Name:] Lisa
[Middle Name:] Marie
[Last Name:] Woodford
[Any Nicknames:] Lis, Details, Giggles (I have been honored to be called on occassion), Bitch (am I supposed to be insulted by that?)
[Age:] I'm nine and a half and I'll never be ten
[Birthdate:] the SEVENTH not the ninth, Julie and MY MOM!
[Zodiac Sign:] the Scorpion
[Where were you born at:] Provindence Hospital
[Where do you live:] Detroit
[Have you ever moved:] Nay
[Eye Color:] Bluish Greenish Gray
[Hair Color:] blond
[Hair Length:] about shoulder length but it needs a trim
[Wavy/straight/curly hair:] stick straight
[Skin(pale,white,tan,dark,black):] White (very white, but my burn faded into a decent tan)
[Have you ever dyed your hair:] Semi-perminantly.
[If so, what color:] Black, red, blue, pink, and fushia but not all at once
[School:] CURF
[Grade:] 15th in September
[Mascot:] Um, the Cougar I think
[Name 5 words to describe yourself:] I have absolutely no idea.
[Siblings:] Do you want the ones that hate me or the ones that like me?
[Names:]Michele, Kelsey, and Candace.
[Parents Names:] Karen and Bob
[Pets:] all we have now is Koko
[Any Tattoos:] Contemplating it seriously...
[Any Piercings:] My ears
[Braces:] once, now thanks to my wisdom teeth maybe again
[Freckles:] not really, a few on my shoulder when I get tan (I think, it's been so long...)
[glasses/contacts:] I like glasses on other people


***Of your friends which is the.....
[Best:] I plead the fifth
[Funniest:] Julies and Sarah from Napa
[Prettiest:] see best
[Smartest:] Julie is in science and Melissa is all-around and Sarah from Napa is in Star Wars...
[Craziest:] That has to be me
[Most likely to succeed:] Beef
[Hangs with you most:] schoolyear: Julie and Sarah from Napa, summer: Troy
[Best Style:] Sarah from Napa
[Flirtiest:] Burkee
[Quietest:] Sarah from Napa, but she can get pretty loud
[Loudest:] Me
[Sweetest:] All my friends have been sweet
[One you share all your secrets with:] Troy, Mel, and Jules
[Weirdest:] See sweetest
[Blondest:] Me by a long shot
[The one that lives farthest away:] I guess that would have to be Sarah Kramer from Napa California
[The one that lives closest:] Sarah from Napa, cause she's my roomate during the schoolyear
[One you have known the longest:] Melissa


[Do you want to get married:] Yes
[If so,what age would you like to be married:] I have no idea. I used to think it was 16, but I also used to think I knew who it was I wanted to marry, too. Now it's just all messed up.
[Who will you marry:] The man I love [no brainer] (thanks Angie!)
[What do you want to do when you grow up:] Teach
[Where will you live:] I would like to know the answer to that one, myself
[Do you want to have kids:] Yes.
[If so, how many:] at least 2, maybe three, but it might be interesting to see how many I could get...
[What would you name them:] I Don't Know, Osheet, and Tom spelled S-T-E-V-E


[Coke/Pepsi:] 7-up
[Pen/Pencil:] Pen
[Vanilla/Chocolate:] Choconilla
[hug/kiss:] when I'm sad I need a hug when I'm in a kissing mood I want to kiss.
[lights on/off:] depends on the activity involved
[dark/light:] light
[rose/lily:] Rose
[Dr Pepper/Mt.Dew:] Dr. Pepper.
[McDonalds/Burger King:] BK
[sandals/shoes:] sandals but I prefer none period
[*Nsync/BSB:] The Beach Boys, the original Boy Band
[Britney/Christina:] Jewel
[Justin Timberlake/Nick Carter:] Mike Love
[CD/Tape:] CD
[Phone/Computer:] I can't choose that one
[Skittles/M'n'M's:] Skittles
[rich and unhappy/poor and happy:] Poor and happy...and I think I'm going into the right field for that.
[tootsie pops/blow pops:] Tootsie
[1 pillow/or 2:] 2 cause mine are so old they are flat


[color:] pink
[food:] potatoes
[song:] right
[Group:] Beach Boys
[Solo Singer:] Joel
[Movie:] right now, nothing is right up there
[Tv Show:] Friends
[Beverage:] water
[Alcoholic beverage:] Virgin Strawberry Daquiries
[subject:] Math and Theater
[teacher:] Brenner, Unger, Siekmann, Doc
[store in the mall:] ones that give stuff away for free
[radio station:] 96.3 DVD
[flower:] daisies
[book:] I'm trying to finish One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest...
[day of the week:] Saturday, I don't have to start homework yet, and school and/or work are still a day behind me.
[animal:] puppies and kitties
[holiday:] Christmas
[sport:] Volleyball
[fast food:] Chinese
[color to wear:] Pink and black
[number:] 37
[actress:] Joey Lauren Adams
[actor:] Melewanson and Jason Lee
[MTV Show:] the one that actually plays MUSIC VIDEOS
[place to eat:] Cookers or my house
[ice cream flavor:] strawberry
[magazine:] Reader's Digest


Have you ever...
[cheated on a test:] are we being honest here?
[Cut your own hair:] Yeah, the bangs when I was like five
[Dyed your own hair:] yeah
[been in a fight:] My sister has scratched my face so hard she drew blood, and I think I came close to Shonsheck killing me once
[If so, how many times:] lots with my sisters, Kristy just almost once
[Skinny Dipped:] not when it counted
[Skipped School:] to see Dogma
[Stayed home on a Saturday:] what does that mean? you don't have to go anywhere on a Saturday
[Streaked:] Not that I can recall
[Toilet papered someones house/car:] My roommates friends tp'd our room once, and I thought it was hilarious, she didn't though. LOCK YOUR DOORS PEOPLE! LOL
[Paintballed someones house/car etc:] No
[Got toilet papered:] See above
[Smoked Weed:] No, thank you
[Been so drunk you puked:] No, thank you
[been drunk:] Where's the question that asks if you've ever had alcohol?
[Got in trouble with the police:] got kicked out of parks after dark before, but nothing more serious
[If so, for what:] gar, I hate these two part questions that I answer in one!
[played spin the bottle:] Never did that
[ran away from home:] to the patch of grass in front of the sidewalk and to the patch of grass between the driveway and to the house down the street
[stolen something:] not on purpose
[broken a bone:] fractured a toe
[cheated on a BF/GF:] no
[fell asleep in class:] in Weier's all the time
[gone to jail/juvenile:] no
[been in the hospital:] Not overnight
[flashed someone:] yeah...
[kissed someone of the same sex:] there is still a picture floating around...
[gotten lost on a vacation:] I think so

*~*What/Who do you think of when you hear the name.....

[Tara-] an actress
[Jeremy-] the guy that Melanie dated
[Joe-] shmoe
[Shane-] my cousin and/or a very cute Old Guard Soldier
[Billy-] Joe Bob
[Tim-] Timmy!
[Josh-] Moldy
[Ashley-] no one
[Ben-] guy from Fish, very cool, sounds like Tom Cruise
[Amanda-] girl from Fish
[Sally-] Sue, a little doll I had
[Sweet Pea-] it was Olive Oil's SON angie, you silly-head
[Peanut butter-] and jelly
[Hay-] is for horses, straw is cheaper and grass is free
[Sarah-] from Napa
[David-] the guy I chased around the playground to kiss in first grade
[Derrick-] no one
[Danny-] the guy I had a crush on for years and years and years
[Allen-] Park
[Jodie-] a character in Bird On A Wire...actually Mel Gibson's name for a scene
[Michelle-] Tiernan
[Crystal-] DeGuire
[Brandon-] either Sarah's husband or a very cute guy who works with Mel and who I still have to call for a shopping date...
[Jamie-] some people from school
[Kelly-] Kapowski
[Heather-] Locklear
[Beth-] -any
[Mike-] Love or my godfather
[Justin-] cool guy in my class at CURF
[Stacey-] the one from high school that I haven' seen in forever
[Isaac-] very cute Fitz member


[Do you drive:] I refuse to answer that
[Do you have a car:] No
[If so, what kind of car do you have:] ...
[What kind of car do you want:] A jeep
[Do you think you will ever get your dream car:] nope
[Do you wish you were older/younger than you are:] younger, I miss being an innocent child in love and naively certain it would last forever
[If so, what age and why:] Read above
[Do you like to party:] define party
[How often do you go to parties:] Not that much..
[Do you drink:] There it is! No.
[Do you smoke:] Never wanted to smell awful and die early
[Do you cuss:] occassionally...but I try not to
[Do you consider yourself attractive:] Yes, but sometimes I think I'm the only one
[Do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy:] Depends on what you mean by nice
[Do you have a CD burner:] I wish I did
[What did you do yesterday:] Worked and hung around Troy's house and made yummy smoothies
[What did you do today:] nothing as of yet, just sat in front of the computer
[What are you doing tomorrow:] Working and GNO!
[What are you doing this weekend:] SPENDING TIME WITH JULES!
[What did you do last weekend:] Went to the beach with Mel!!!!!
[What are you gonna do when this is over:] go back to sleep or eat something

*~*THE LAST....
[thing you ate:] smoothie
[thing you drank:] smoothie
[song you heard:] a love song
[show you watched:] M*A*S*H
[thing you said:] something smart to my dad cause he's in a shitty mood (there's that occassional swearing)
[person you saw:] my dad when I turned around
[person who called you:] Troy
[person you called:] Julie
[person you hugged:] Troy
[person you kissed:] dad goodnight
[person to ride in your car:] my voices
[who's car you rode in:] Troy's
[movie you watched:] Emperor's New Groove
[person you talked to on the internet:] I can't remember
[person that instant messaged you:] me? I can't remember, but yesterday my sister imed Troy

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