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Today was not a day

Today was a day I needed to be around people. I was down all morning, then I finally made myself leave at 2 to go shopping, and while I was out I was fine, then I came back home and was depressed again, but as soon as I picked Jordan up I felt better, and then I was down until I got to rehearsal and then after I got to rehearsal I was mostly better. Stupid being alone sometimes.

#10 Stardust the graphic novel by Neil Gaimen and illustrated by Charles Vess

This is a neat graphic novel because unlike Neverwhere and possibly Coraline, the text is exactly the same as the original novel, there are just beautiful illustrations added. If you like romances and you like fantasies and you haven't read this you are missing out on probably the best romantic fantasy book there is. It will always make me think of Brett and Nikki, though, and I'm sure they know why. This is also one book that isn't ruined by a bad movie version--although the movie is very different in many ways and has a very movie end (happily ever after and all that, not that the book isn't happy, just a little more realistic in a way that would never have translated to film), the changes overall make for a good movie, and probably better than translating the book word for word into a screenplay would have turned out.

I think I might try Catcher in the Rye next. The catch--not picturing Ben Affleck whenever I read "Holden."
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#9 Coraline

#9 Coraline, the graphic novel
So, with how much I loved the movie, I can't believe that I hadn't read any form of the book yet. We saw this version at our comic book store and I thought it looked really neat so we picked it up. I don't mind collecting graphic novel versions of all of Gaimen's writings, that's for sure. It was definitely different from the movie in a few major ways, like Wybie isn't even in the book it seems, and there was no Coraline doll to spy on her. Also, a few details were shuffled around, like where the ghosts' eyes were hidden and what parts of the world were created for her. It was really good, though, of course, and I enjoyed it.

#7 Serenity
I think I might have enjoyed Nathan Fillion's intro more than the book, although I certainly enjoyed the book as well. I am excited to be rewatching the series with Jenny this summer.

#8 American Gods
Well, I didn't like this book just as much the second time around. I don't know, I just don't get into the plot line or the characters as a whole quite as much. I love Sam, though, and her paragraph about believing is still one of my favorites of all book passages, so I guess it's a wash.
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The Fantasticks

I knew I had read something else! Jordan got a copy of the script for this (words only no music) and I read it in one day (as it is actually fairly short). I really liked it, but it really helped that I listened to a couple of songs before I started reading or I would have been really confused and not known that it was meant to be done so over the top, which explains a lot.

I'm assistant directing this musical this summer and I'm really excited about it! Come see it in August if you live in the Austin area.
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I finished this awhile ago and am just now getting around to posting about it.

Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd, Edward K. Boyd

If you like Christian apologetics with a little touch of philosophy mixed in, I recommend this book. If you like to see the way that God can work in even the most skeptical person's heart and watch the progress as the Holy Spirit roots around and finds a home, I highly recommend this book. Slightly organized by topic but mostly organized as a chronological correspondance between a father and his son with a phd in apologetics, this book is a beautiful way to firsthand experience God's miracles. I cried at the end when the son wrote in an epilogue about what a changed man his father became and the amazing simplicity of his new faith. Some of the explanations helped my faith to grow a bit, others I may have disagreed with or not understood, but more than anything else I was really touched by the ultimate change in the father and desperately wanted that for myself.

45 to go.
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Hey, Jeremy, if you are reading this, I sent you an email a few weeks ago but haven't got a reply yet. I guess maybe it was to an old email account. Anyway, if you are reading this, please send me your new email to details15 at Love ya! And miss ya.
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Book 3

Unprotected by Miriam Grossman

I would recommend this to every woman I know. It is a book written by a campus psychaitrist who was constantly pressured to put what she calls the "liberal agenda" ahead of caring for the patient. Some things should be taken with a grain of salt but quite a bit is really amazing information that you don't expect to hear from a doctor. Every woman needs to know that she can't wait to have a child until she is 35 or 40 or older. There's a window, but all they ever tell young women is how to prevent pregnancy, not how to plan for it.

Anyway, it's a great book and everyone should read it.
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Books Challenge

So, I'm counting graphic novels towards my list of books read.

#2 Fables: The Good Prince and #3 Fables: War and Pieces

If you like Sandman, or like Fairy Tales, or just like good comics, go pick up Fables. It's probably my favorite comic series since Sandman (and I'm so excited it's still going too!) These are the last two current graphic novels for this series, and that means Jordan and I are almost caught up to the new ones coming out. These last two books wrapped up what was the 6-year long underlying story and main conflict in the series--and ended it well. It was certainly not what I expected to have happen, but it seems like it's a great way to end it. Of course, when a war ends there are a lot of loose ends to take care of, and that seems to be where the story line is headed now.

47 to go.
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Even though I'm technically in the middle of 5 books right now, I have just finished one (yay!) so it's my first finished book of the challenge.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is the second book in the Hunger Games series. If you've ever read Ender's Game they are apparently similar themes and ideas according to Jordan. I read it in two days because like the first book I couldn't put the damn thing down. If you like any type of science fiction I highly recommend it.

49 to go.

50 Books Challenge

Okay, I'm going to try this as well, especially since I just ordered a whole bunch of new books on Amazon and B&N and I want to actually read them at some point in the future.

Does reading a book that you already read before count? I suppose not.